Camera Initiative

The Kloof Community Police Forum is appealing to Kloof residents to get behind their camera project and help in the fight against crime.

The success of Enforce’s orange Watchmen community cameras in places like Hillcrest, Gillitts and Waterfall, has prompted the KCPF to take action and they would like to see these "orange lollipops" installed at the entrances and exits of Kloof.

The KCPF has already raised enough money to get two cameras installed in Merrivale and Willingdon Road but would like to raise enough money for 11 cameras in total.

At the AGM, Nikki Möhlmann, Treasurer of the KCPF said, "It is up to each and every one of us to make Kloof a safer environment. We need everyone to get involved and donate financially to the camera project."

She appealed to everyone to donate R30 a month which would pay the R350 a month  monitoring fee and go towards buying more cameras. Enforce has offered a reduced price to the KCPF of R12000 a pole with camera and R5000 for any additional cameras (each pole can take up to 8 cameras).

The cameras have 24 hour recording and are linked to a control room which can monitor who comes into and out an area. The bright orange colour acts as a visual deterrent and a speaker phone on the pole allows the control room operator to communicate through the pole via a speaker phone especially in the case of loiters or suspicious behaviour.

The railway line is one of the biggest problem areas and Jayson Weideman of Enforce Security explained the idea is to create a no go zone with an invisible barrier so that anyone crossing the line triggers off the alarm to the control room who can visually see the suspect and track the person as the cameras have thermal imaging capabilities. Kloof Rest Home already has this system installed along their fence line.

Weideman  also said, "The cameras create a virtual guard at a cost effective solution. We want to build a good partnership with the community and offer monthly contracts so that we are accountable to our customers"

He added that if 15 residents in a cul de sac or street join Enforce then a free Watchmen camera will be donated to that street.

Anyone interested in donating to the KCPF camera project can contact: David Soane (Chairman) 031 764 2642 or MaryLou Giliam (Secretary) 031 764 0126 or Nikki Mohlmann (Treasurer) 031764 7069.

KCPF Banking Details:

Kloof Community Policing Forum
Acc No. 051982293
Branch: 045526
Standard Bank Kloof