Kloof Street Patrol

Kloof Street Patrols

Kloof Street Patrols is an organisation of residents who selflessly dedicate their time and energy to keeping Kloof safe. To find out how you can join the team or offer support in other ways please CLICK HERE.

Kloof Street Patrols started in April 2013 in a response to an unacceptable rise in crime and murder in our area. It was quickly discovered that criminals were coming into Kloof using the railway line, KIoof gorge and many other channels that were not being policed.

Most concerning was the lack of participation by the local residents. The community was completely dis-engaged. We needed a solution that would aid SAPS in their struggle to police our streets with very little resources available to them. We then partnered closely with SAPS in becoming the eyes and ears in our community. We now have well over 50 residents who give up some time, energy and resources to protect and serve the community that they love.


So how do the patrols work?

With almost 35 000 people living in the area, we divided Kloof into 7 sectors and each sector has a growing patrol team. Our patrolers commit to a minimum of a two hour shift per week and you will often see us standing off at one of our 11 entrances. We are connected through two-way radios and have a very strict sign-on, sign-off policy. Our biggest success has been our partnership with SAPS. Everything gets reported and goes through the correct channels.

We drive in well-marked and brightly lit vehicles and mainly aim to be a visible deterrent to criminals wanting to come into our area.


Are Patrols taking on or replacing security companies?

No! We are concerned volunteers that love people and love our community. Our patrols started in response to crime, but has become so much more. We have helped find missing people, returned missing dogs, escorted people home, towed broken down vehicles, sat with victims until help arrived, repaired fences after they had been knocked down. We are all volunteers and rely solely on community financial support. There is no other way to put it - we just love Kloof!


How can you help?

For information on how to join or assist our patrol team please contact Corne This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or if you would like to donate financially please visit Current Fundraising.